Black and White Room Deco Ideas

Home is where the heart is and where it should stay. There are many ways to decorate your abode that can make your home as inviting as possible while making it your personal oasis. The key to decorating a space with elegant panache is to make sure form meets function and that lines are minimal , thus keeping clutter to a minimum. Avoid decorating with too many tchotchkes or meaningless souvenirs. Every piece should be connected to the rest of the space and enhance the theme of the room. Pier 1 stocks simple yet functional items that work together well. Here are a few of our favorites.

1.Ivory arm chair – the simple design and luxe fabric make for a comfortable and classic place to lounge . ( Colette arm chair $499)

photo 10

2.Sherpa throw- this is wonderful and comfortable for snuggling by a warm fire. It’s classic and uncomplicated design goes easily with anything.( shaggy Sherpa throw $59 )

photo 7
3. Black side table- this may be used by itself or with a simple black vase with flowers. The effect is simple and chic.( Ashington pedestal table $149)

photo 6

4. Grommet top curtains – the elegant design of the black design against stark white is both elegant and chic. ( Geometric grommet top curtain)

photo 9


These ideas should help you decorate your living space in black and white with classic ease. The great thing is that all these pieces are available online at www. or in the store itself.

By Ann Mathew –

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