Rewind To The Last Week-End’s Black And White Boho Outfits

The first week-end of the year’s chicest musical festival is over and we made a little list of the hottest black and white boho outfits . Coachella’s looks are always on top!

Which one is your favorite ?

1. photo 1

2. photo 2

3. hbz-street-style-coachella-2015-day1-05_1


5. hbz-street-style-coachella-2015-day1-12_1


7. hbz-street-style-coachella-2015-day2-16_1

8. photo

And after the sun , the night parties :

9. hbz-coachella-neon-carnival-alessandra-ambrosio   10. hbz-coachella-neon-carnival-chanel-iman

11. hbz-coachella-moschino-lexi-boling-alexander-wang-bins-walton

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